Eyebrow Transplantation


Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow restoration is a cosmetic operation aimed at restoring eyebrows in case of thinning, damage or loss as a result of injury, burns and other accidents.

Some patients want to completely restore the eyebrows, some would like to slightly increase their volume or make scars less visible.

Reasons to Choose Eyebrow Transplantation

  • Scars or burns
  • Some diseases
  • Congenital inability
  • Self-correction of eyebrows by plucking them.

The operation is performed on patients with good health, who have no problems with bleeding and  who are not prone to blood clots.

How the procedure goes

The technique of eyebrow transplantation is very similar to the technique of hair transplantation. During this procedure, single hairs are taken from the occipital part of the head and transplanted into the eyebrow area in accordance with the natural direction of hair growth. Eyebrow transplantation is a simple procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. Usually it takes 3-6 hours, depending on the number of grafts (transplants).

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