Sideburn Transplantation


Sideburn Transplantation

For many men, the lack of facial hair, the inability to grow a mustache or sideburns as a result of injury, surgery or for medical reasons becomes a real problem and often leads to a decrease in self-esteem and affects the image of a man. Sideburns transplant will help you restore  your confidence.

Why choose Reself?

In order to achieve the best results and transform the appearance of the patient, the doctor must have a professional technique and a creative approach to work. Doctors of the Avrasya Hospital have all the qualities to provide an excellent result.

Who Needs a Sideburn Transplant?

This procedure is recommended for men who want to grow sideburns and prefer the effect of a two-day bristle, but have sparse hair or uneven growth of facial hair.

Side effects

  • Infection
  • Scars
  • Sensory loss

How the Sideburn Transplantation Goes

The technique used for sideburns transplantation is follicular unit extraction — FUE. Thanks to this procedure, the transplanted hair has an absolutely natural look. When transplanting sideburns, a special attention is paid to the alignment of new hair and its combination with the direction of growth of existing facial hair.

After Sideburn Transplantation

Immediately after the transplantation, new hair grows quickly. Over the next 2 months, transplanted hair falls out, and new permanent hair appears from the roots, which will no longer fall out. The final result will be visible about a year after transplantation.

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