Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a quite recent technique in hair transplantation that gives your hair a natural look for long and leaves no scars. The procedure usually involves moving separate hairs from the back or side parts of the head to the receding hairline or bald spots. Each follicle is extracted with the help of micro punches.

FUE is a good choice if:

You want your hair short
Other types of hair transplantation are not suitable for you (f.i., you have a tight scalp)
You would like to improve existing results of the previous procedures or if you healed badly from the prior one

Preparation for the procedure

7 days before

Do not use Minoxidil/Rogaine 2 weeks before FUE
Do not take B- and E-group vitamins
Avoid drinking alcohol

On the day of hair transplantation

Shampoo your hair and do not use care products
Avoid drinks with caffeine
Have a wholesome breakfast
Choose a wearable outfit — you will spend most of the day lying down

During FUE

At the time of follicular hair extraction every hair bulbs are extracted from the patient’s scalp and then are placed one by one to the hair loss areas. The removal of individual follicles is performed by making incisions around them and then extacting units from the scalp.

When the procedure is finished

FUE hair transplantation presupposes local anasthesia, so there is no need in hospitalization. The recovery period can be around 3 days after which you are able to settle back to your traditional rhythms.
You will get detailed instructions on the diet and medications so that the results of the procedure are pleasing.

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