Hair Vaccination (Acell + PRP)

Hair Vaccination is a procedure during which a patient gets an injection that contains extracellular matrix, platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) and vitamins.

PRP is obtained from your blood and contains cells that stimulate hair growth.

Extracellular matrix provokes the second production of the tissues with the help of stem cell modeling. It has got a FDA certificate which ensures product effectiveness in plastic surgery.

People develop in maternal womb and embryonic stem cells play a significant role in this process. After birth these cells become inactive so the extracellular matrix is used to restart embryonic stem cells production and cause new tissues reproduction. Copying and localization of the new cells begin and it is of crucial importance that these cells are functional as if some of them are cancerous, copying is impossible.

The formula replicates maternal womb  tissue development, so the American Army obtained most of the formula for soldiers treatment and the rest of it (around 10%) is used in American clinics. The formula cannot be forged and is produced in limited quantities.

How the formula is used in hair therapy

Extracellular matrix is mixed with platelet-rich plasma and a single injection is given. Normally patients are put under local anesthesia. In case of allergy, phobia or pain hypersensitivity, sedation can be used, thus decreasing  the procedure duration from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Nonetheless, local anesthesia is more preferable.

The inactive and weak follicles are injected and the stem cells activate functioning as healthy tissues; as these tissues spread, follicles becomes stronger. Vaccination also effects hair hue: the new hair tends to grow darker.

When the vaccination is conducted

  • For men, especially when the vaccination used at the beginning of balding process, hair loss decreases, gradually stops and baldness is completely prevented or occurs at a later age.
  • The procedure is also suitable for patients with a big amount  of thin hair. It thickens the hair, gives it volume and a healthy look.
  • The procedure can be used for women with hair loss for various reasons and the success rate is quite high.
  • There are successful results in the hair treatment caused by the disease. An example is hair loss as a result of tuberculosis of the skin and pelade.
  • It also helps with the problems of the eyebrows and beard.
  • This therapy is an effective treatment for metabolic hair loss (including hair loss due to lack of iron in the blood or as a result of the use of drugs).
  • The vaccination enhances hair transplantation results.

The results of the vaccination are hair loss cessation and hair growth and recovery from the fourth month up 1 year.

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