Unshaven Hair Transplant


Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven FUE is a good option to consider for people who did not lose a considerable amount of their hairs and want to improve their looks without getting their head clean shaved. The procedure is popular among both men and women.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation would be suitable for those who encounter hair loss in the front part of the head; in other cases (balding in the back part or vertex) there is a necessity to shave head.

It is also possible to shave a couple of strips (no more than 2 cm wide) in the posterior region if your hair is up to 4 cm long, the shaven parts would be hidden with the surrounding hairs.

When Unshaven Hair Transplant is not your choice

There is a need to opt for Shave Hair Transplantation if a considerable amount of hairs are lost. Usually it is a case for partially or completely bald vertex and at this point more than 3000 grafts have to be transplanted. Hair follicles are taken from the posterior part of the head so shaving is a must.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation is appropriate for patients who do not need intensive FUE and have had to face balding in the front part of the head.

During and after the operation

Throughout Unshaven FUE donor follicles are transferred between the surrounding hair strands which guarantees that the results will look natural. After that your hair transplant specialist gives you recommendations on how to take care of the hair.

The transplanted hairs start growing in about 3 months and the final result can be seen at the end of the 1st year after Unshaven FUE.

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