Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling or Chemical Exfoliation is becoming increasingly popular among cosmetic procedures. This method of cleaning the face surface is characterized by high efficiency and low traumatism. In addition, this effect on the skin can solve age-related problems of the dermis. This procedure involves exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead cells. This method allows you to smooth or completely remove age spots or other defects, align the surface of the face, give it a natural color..

The Procedure

In rare cases, the doctor uses anesthesia if they perform a superficial peeling. When the solution is applied, a slight burning sensation may be felt. But if the middle type of procedure is carried out, then the discomfort increases.

Therefore, the specialist can offer oral analgesics, local anesthesia or tranquilizers. Sometimes a combination of such methods of anesthesia is used.

If a person will carry out a deep peeling, then general anesthesia is often used. The procedure is attended by an anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon. Today there are many gentle chemicals that allow you to avoid the general anesthesia. To reduce pain, experts use local anesthesia.

After that, such manipulations are carried out:

Before the procedure, the specialist degreases the face, the eyes should be protected so that they do not get the remedy.

Then there is the application of a chemical solution.

Considering the skin type, the type of solution and other factors, the exposure time of peeling can differ.

After that, the solution is rinsed off and the person is treated with special means for skin protection.

After leaving the clinic, the patient is free to come back to normal life.

After Chemical Peeling

The rehabilitation takes about 3-10 days. If a deep peeling was carried out, then you have to wait a few weeks.

The speed of healing affects the age, health of the patient, state of the immune system. Doctors do not advise to use cosmetics containing glycolic acid. Also,you should not forget about sunscreen.

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