Fractional Laser & Rejuvenation

A woman of any age wants to see beautiful skin in the mirror, but not everyone is ready to lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon. In this case, fractional rejuvenation will come to the rescue through the use of a laser, which in modern cosmetology is one of the most popular in anti-aging procedures.

Who May Need Fractional Rejuvenation

Anyone who wants to rejuvenate without serious braces can resort to this method. Laser fractional effect fights a lot of imperfections on the face, including:

  • pronounced wrinkles on the forehead;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • wrinkles around the eyes;
  • epidermis that is “flowing  down”;
  • skin pigmentation, scars;
  • the problem of enlarged pores, acne.

Possible Side Effects

  • severe pain or swelling at the site of exposure to the laser beam;
  • healing process that lasts more than two weeks;
  • appearance of pigmentation, scars.

Before Fractional Rejuvenation

Since the procedure is not a surgical operation, no serious preparation is required. Initially, you should get advice from a specialist who will assess the condition of the skin, as well as give recommendations on the necessary method of rejuvenation. The patient is obliged to tell the doctor about all the conditions and diseases in the history, as well as exacerbations of chronic diseases over the past six months. If any, the specialist will advise you to visit doctors to assess the safety of the procedure.

During Fractional Rejuvenation

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation in the face area is carried out on an outpatient basis. First, the specialist applies anesthetic cream on the epidermis.

Then the patient is placed on the couch and the specialist defines the depth of penetration of the laser beam on a special device. The device is aimed at certain areas of the epidermis, deep into which the laser penetrates. Manipulations last from half an hour and above, depending on what area you need to process.

After If any, the specialist will advise you to visit doctors to assess the safety of the procedure.

After Fractional Rejuvenation

Immediately after the session, some red dots can be visible on the face, the skin is red, slightly swollen, so it is better to take care of the way home.

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