Medical Skin Care

Medical skin care is a diagnosis and individual selection of treatment for each patient by a specialist, depending on the age and the type of skin. Unlike conventional skin care, we provide effective care and prescribe a specific treatment based on proven research and therapeutic practice.

We closely follow all the innovations in the field of cosmetology, but do not forget about the proven, classical techniques and programs, so we are happy to provide you with all the best that is in the modern cosmetic industry, and choose what is right for you.

Professional and systematic care of the body and face in a modern clinic is shown today not only with the already pronounced signs of aging of the skin at a certain age. Even young skin can be subject to serious problems such as acne and require appropriate quality care, which is difficult to provide at home.

Among the cosmetic procedures offered to patients by the doctors of our clinic there are:

Botox, Fibrocell, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peeling  and Platelet-rich plasma injections.

We strive to make the latest achievements in the field of dermatology available for you and to create a comfortable and hospitable atmosphere in our clinic.

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