Healthy Nutrition and Diet

Health, attractiveness and harmony is simply impossible without proper nutrition. That is why it is so important to pay attention to this issue. Often women and men begin to try all sorts of trendy diets in an effort to lose weight. However, in practice, everything is not as easy as the authors of these diets promise. The fact is that in the matter of nutrition, the most important role is played by the characteristics of a particular organism, health, lifestyle, type of work, etc. Therefore, it is possible to create an «ideal» diet only individually!

We use a purely scientific approach to weight loss based on identifying the causes, not eliminating the consequences, thereby ensuring the preservation of the results of weight loss and the gradual transition to a new healthy lifestyle and diet.

You Should Get a Healthy Nutrition and Diet Consultations if You are Faced with the Following Problems:

  • metabolic disorder;
  • presence of excess weight;
  • insufficient body weight;
  • anorexia / bulimia;
  • diabetes;
  • elevated cholesterol and atherosclerosis;
  • problem skin, acne;
  • increased fatigue, drowsiness, decreased performance;
  • allergic diseases.

During Healthy Nutrition and Diet Consultations

The doctor collects all the necessary information about the life and diseases of the patient, asks questions, studies the problem in detail. Nutritionist examines the patient, weighs and makes measurements, assigns the necessary studies. Clinical tests (blood, urine, etc.) may also be required to determine overall health.

Next, the doctor gives the patient recommendations on the optimal diet in their case.

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