Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the fastest and most effective ways to remove excess hair once and for good. In just a few procedures, you can achieve smooth and delicate skin on almost any part of the face and body. In compliance with all the requirements for the procedure, it is completely safe and does not cause harm to health.

Before Laser Hair Removal

Preparation consists in the fact that the patient needs to grow hair at least 3-5 mm (in areas where previously used other methods of hair removal or depilation). The choice of the length of 3-5 mm is also not accidental, in this case the effectiveness and painlessness of the procedure can be guaranteed.

During Laser Hair Removal

Under the influence of a laser beam passing through the trunk of the hair, the cells containing melanin are heated, and the hair follicle is destructed. The skin is not damaged and slightly heated, quickly cooled. Laser hair removal allows you to remove only those hairs that have grown by 3-5 mm and are visible on the surface, that is, are in the phase of active growth.

Laser hair removal can be performed without anesthesia, but there are patients with low pain threshold who cannot tolerate even little pain. In this case, the area of exposure is treated with special gel.

During hair removal, the eyes should be protected by dark glasses.

After Laser Hair Removal

In order to avoid the appearance of swelling and redness, the specialist applies a special product that reduces skin irritation immediately after laser hair removal. It is also necessary to apply a cream or lotion to the skin for a few days in order to nourish and soften it. Even in the case of traces of burns (which is very rare) one should use a special healing ointment.

The following actions are not recommended after laser hair removal:

  • Sunbathing and having a bath.
  • Taking antibiotics, hormones, antipsychotics, sulfanilamide and other drugs.
  • Peeling off the crust from burns, so that there are no pockets of hyperpigmentation or scars.
  • Going outside in sunny weather without applying sunscreen with SPF-protection of at least 30 units.

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