Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non-surgical facelift helps many women effectively and without visiting surgeons to cope with the various consequences of age-related changes that begin to appear after 30-35. Every person wants to stay attractive as long as possible.

To save a beautiful body it is enough to go to the gym regularly. Unfortunately, in the situation with the face it will not help, which is why cosmetology is developing and offers more and more advanced techniques for non-surgical rejuvenation.

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive surgery, which helps lift the soft tissues of the face.

Who May Need a Face Lift

Facelifts are subjected to women aged 35-45 years. The most successful result of the procedure of thread lifting is achieved in people with the following indicators:

  • Minimum sagging of the central part of the face
  • Minor eye bags
  • Minimal signs of aging

During Face Lift

The point of the procedure is that special biologically compatible threads are placed under the skin in certain anatomical areas. They are placed in a certain direction, which helps to maintain the skin tone and prevent it from sagging. This procedure significantly smoothes wrinkles, gives the skin freshness, elasticity and beauty. And most importantly, successfully solves the age problem of many women – the problem of the “second chin” and blurred facial contour in the jaw. During this anti-aging procedure, special needles and biologically compatible threads are used. Most often, the threads are self-absorbable.  You may experience some side effects such as minor pain, swelling, bruising or bleeding. After healing process is over, the contour of the face becomes clearer also cheeks and skin around the forehead is tightened.

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