CACI Quantum

The CACI Quantum is one o the most progressive therapies in the world used for stimulation, lymphatic drainage and lifting. With CACI Quantum system you can smooth and tighten the contours of the  body without surgery.

The device is equipped with electrodes to which the gel-based applicators are attached. Applicators are laid out on the body depending on your wishes and indications: buttocks, tummy, chest, hands. Electromagnetic waves cause a «tsunami effect», meaning that the power increases in proportion to the depth of penetration into the skin. As a result, muscle tone increases, the skin becomes tightened, healthy and radiant after one procedure.

Who May Need CACI Quantum Procedure

This procedure is recommended for those who want to achieve a beautiful figure non-surgically, safely and painlessly. The procedure is performed for patients with good health, who do not suffer from any skin diseases, do not use a pacemaker and did not have heart problems in the past. Pregnant women who wish to undergo CACI Quantum toning are strongly advised to postpone the procedure until the baby is born.

During CACI Quantum Session

The specialist fixes the quantum applicators on patient’s body, current passes through them. The specialist raises the power of each electrode individually, focusing on the perception of the patient. Muscle are compressed during several seconds and then relaxed.

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