A technique called «Endermology» helps to correct the figure, get rid of fat and cellulite effectively. The massage machine, which is designed in such a way that affects the skin and deep tissues at the same time, creates a powerful effect stimulating the figure correction, weight loss and skin tightening.

Who May Need Endermologie Session

The procedure is recommended for people who need:

  • Correction of body contours by reducing fat
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Restoration of elasticity and smoothness of the skin (rejuvenation)
  • Prevention of varicose

During Endermologie

With the help of vacuum, the device sucks a small area of skin into itself, then the rollers massage it in different directions. Being subjected to a double massage, the skin and subcutaneous fat literally come to life. All life processes that were previously inhibited are activated.

Blood and lymph flow increases several times. Improved lymph flow carries away the decay products, thereby cleaning the cells and intercellular space. Adipose tissue that has been turned off from metabolism enters it again. With each new session of endermologie, more and more fat is destroyed and excreted through the excretory system of the body. The contours of the body become more smooth and taut. Loose areas of the skin acquire elasticity and smoothness. Cellulite bumps disappear, leaving not even a hint of its past presence.

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