Patient Testimonials


I want to express my gratitude to all the staff!!! I had  varicose veins on the right leg ,and I was to visit your clinic. I was promptly contacted and recorded on the next day. My doctor and his assistants did everything to makke the process of operation the most comfortable. And now about the veins on the right leg, I forgot about the problem like it was a nightmare. God bless all the staff of the clinic.

B Green

I put a solid 5 for the right cosmetology! It is not the first time that I visit this clinic. I did laser rejuvenation, the result is stunning. I look great, the main thing is that my relatives notice it! And for laser hair removal to them!

Alina Linney

The clinic is good, I can confirm this on my own experience, since last year i had surgery for facial plastic surgery. The operation was very successful, I like the result. There were no painful moments. The doctors are doing a good procedure for quick recovery.

M Bondareva

Dr Sherif Yavuz, Thank You! Thank you for your attitude, attention, skill and results.

J Arteau

The operation was painless and comfortable. Postoperative rehabilitation was imperceptible, no severe pain since the end of the operation. Can totally recommend for tummy tuck operation

Arthur Joyce

Very good clinic! Did laser hair removal procedure, was very pleased. Price — quality matches. I recommend to everyone!

Lena Ross

It was the 1st time I visited  Dr Sherif’s clinic. Surprisingly, I was very quickly oriented to what doctor to approach and where. The doctor was a professional in his field and helped to solve my problem. I will continue to apply only to this clinic and advise it to relatives.

S Shelley

It is a great clinic! I would like to note the professionalism, friendly attitude and attention of the staff. The clinic leaves a good impression. Now I will only apply here.

V Harris

Plastic surgery for me to rejuvenate is a taboo. I don’t understand it. Therefore, I resort only to conservative treatment.

Together with the beautician I pursued the goal – to improve the condition of the face, to give the skin a more well-groomed appearance, to eliminate small wrinkles. Laser intervention solved my problems. I like the result very much. I hope it will last for a long time.

Olga Shpak

Great clinic, saved me from a lot of trouble! From the operation. Well spent money

Abdou Ja

I did vaginoplastic. The operation was done by a real specialist. Amazing result. Great rehab. My friend did too on my recommendation. She’s thrilled, too.


In this clinic I had an eyelid lift. It sounds not nice, and of course I was very worried, but fortunately, everything went without a hitch, I did not have unpleasant feelings after the operation, the procedure itself and the recovery period did not take much time. I thank the clinic staff for their professionalism.

M Shaw

In the Dr Sherif’s clinic did operation to enlarge breasts and simultaneous lifting one breast (ptosis). It went better than I expected. Starting from the attentive and sensitive attitude of nurses, mild anesthesia (from which quickly and easily moved away) and ending with the Golden hands of my surgeon. The only incisions on the areola, the seams are very thin.. I wish the Clinic further prosperity, keep it up!!!

Nudelman Natalia Sergeevna

Did a mammoplasty.The result is gorgeous! Staff and the surgeon— super! I’m planning a blefaro there.

Anna Cox

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