Breast Asymmetry Correction


Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry is a mismatch in the development of the two mammary glands, which is quite common in women. When the difference is insignificant, a person can accept and live with it, but if the size of the left and right mammary glands is very different, the operation may be necessary.

  • If one breast has a normal size and the other is small, then the small breast is enlarged with an implant or adding fat. People with this type of breast asymmetry of normal size often have the problem of sagging breasts. Saggy breasts of normal size are corrected during surgery.
  • If one breast is normal, and the second is large, then the second breast is reduced.
  • If one breast is large and the other is small, then the small breast is enlarged with an implant, and the large one is reduced.
  • In some cases, young girls have one of the breasts that does not develop from birth. In such people, glandular tissue either does not develop or is not formed at all. There are even cases of ankylosis of the fingers of one hand (Poland syndrome). Patients with this problem in the area of the missing breast are transplanted skin-muscle layer of the body and under it is a supporting implant.

Previously, an incision in the form of «T” was made during breast asymmetry correction surgery. Now, in order to reduce the possible scar, the incision is made down from the breast nipple in the form of «I».

What Causes Breast Asymmetry

  • The development of the breasts after pregnancy
  • Breast growth after breastfeeding
  • Breast growth associated with a sharp change in weight
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Genetic characteristics
  • Side effect of some medications

After the Surgery

Patients are recommended to use only sports bras and special corsets during the period prescribed by the doctor, not to lift weights, not to smoke cigarettes, for 8-10 days to sleep on the back or on the side.

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