Nose Surgery

Nose shape correction, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic operations on the face, carried out in our clinics. Rhinoplasty is aimed at improving the shape and size of the nose or solving respiratory problems.

Changes in the shape of the nose can also be carried out as a reconstructive operation to eliminate congenital defects or the consequences of injury, f.i. nose fracture. Such an operation can be recommended for medical and not aesthetic reasons. The combination of nose reshaping surgery with septoplasty can be an effective way to resolve respiratory problems caused by nasal septum curvature.

Why Choose Reself

At Dr Sherif’s Clinic, plastic surgeons have extensive experience in using the best comprehensive rhinoplasty technologies.The Reself team of doctors has a caring attitude to patients in the process of creating a new nose look, harmoniously combined with the appearance of the client.

With the necessary qualifications, professional knowledge and experience in the field of rhinoplasty, our plastic surgeons strive for the naturalness of your new appearance while maintaining full respiratory function.

You Can Undergo Rhinoplasty if

  • You are over 18.
  • You are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose.
  • You have fully formed facial features.
  • You’re healthy.

Side effects

  • Bleeding
  • Skin problems
  • Damage or destruction of the nasal septum
  • Infection
  • The blockage of the airways
  • Complications after anesthesia


Our specialists will examine and evaluate your physical and emotional condition to ensure that you are ready for surgery to correct the shape of the nose.

1 month before operation the doctor will ask you to stop smoking. Within two weeks before the operation, it is necessary to refrain from taking aspirin and other drugs that promote blood thinning.

During the week before the planned operation, you will need to take blood tests.

On the eve of the operation, do not take any food and drinks after the time prescribed by the doctor.

Avoid makeup or any creams on your face. The clinic will be able to provide you with a driver who will take you to the clinic and take you back after the operation.

The procedure

The surgeon makes incisions to gain access to the bone and cartilage at the base of the nose. Incisions are usually made from the inside so that the seams are invisible after surgery. After the surgeon moves or removes parts of the bone or cartilage, the base of the nose is closed again with soft tissues and skin. You may need to apply a plaster bandage on the outer surface of the nose to maintain a new shape for the healing period.

Rhinoplasty is mainly performed in the outpatient Department of the clinic, yet sometimes the patient needs to stay in the clinic for 1 night after surgery.

After Rhinoplasty

Within 48 hours after surgery is necessary to ensure the presence of someone that can help you with daily chores and to follow in the event of complications.

For at least five days, the nose will be covered with a small bandage to support and maintain the correct shape. The day after surgery there may be swelling of the face.

In about 5 days the bandage will be removed. Most patients can return to a normal rhythm of life within a week after surgery.

Refrain from blowing your nose for two to three week. For three to four weeks, it is recommended to avoid pressure on the nose, for example, you should refuse to wear heavy sunglasses. Do not smoke in order to avoid the appearance of scars. It is necessary to refrain from taking aspirin and other drugs that promote blood thinning within two weeks after surgery.

6 months after surgery, the swelling will disappear completely. If you have thick skin, it will take a little longer to evaluate the results of the operation.


Is the operation painful?

Surgery can be performed under local anesthesia using sedatives, your nose will become numb and you will not feel pain.

Is it painful to remove the plaster cast?

Pain when removing the bandage is minimal.

Is it possible to have respiratory problems after surgery to correct the shape of the nose?

Most patients report improved breathing after surgery.

How soon will the results of the operation be visible?

The first changes will be visible in 3 weeks after the surgery. The final result can be estimated in 6-12 months.

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