Vaginoplasty (Genital Aesthetic)

Vaginal plastic surgery (vaginal narrowing, vaginal correction surgery) is a procedure for correcting anomalies that have appeared as a result of age-related changes, childbirth or gynecological interventions: stretching and loss of elasticity of the vagina.

Surgery to narrow and strengthen the muscles of the vagina is performed as a result of the need to correct the vaginal walls, which are stretched or weakened. The narrowing of the vagina has a positive effect on the sexual sensations of both women and men. This operation is also aimed at removing the postpartum scars that have not been completely healed and ensuring the aesthetic appearance of the vagina. Vaginal plastic restores women’s self-confidence and provides sexual satisfaction. Such a problem as loss of elasticity of the vagina in unborn women as a result of frequent sexual relations is also solved with the help of this operation.

How is Vaginoplasty Done

During the operation, vaginal plastic surgery is carried out narrowing of the vaginal entrance and vaginal canal. In addition, during the operation, the external genitals in the area of female genitals are shaped: the reduction of the labia minora, the filling of the labia majora and the correction of the pubic area. The operation takes place under General anesthesia and lasts about 1 hour. In the genital area does not remain visible to the eye scar. Vaginoplasty is performed by experienced professionals, so the feeling of pain during surgery is excluded. The operation is best done between menstrual cycles. During the procedure for the vaginal plastic, it is possible to perform labiaplasty (the aesthetics of the labia minora).

Postoperative period

After aesthetic vaginal surgery, it is sufficient to observe personal hygiene and follow the doctor’s instructions. The patient can return to the working regime 2 days after the operation. Depending on the type of operation, it is recommended to refrain from sexual relations for a certain period of time. This operation cannot cause acute pain, but a few days after the operation may be accompanied by pain, swelling and blood secretions. Aesthetic genital surgery is not an obstacle to childbirth, but after normal childbirth the vagina will stretch again.

The purpose of aesthetic operations on the genitals, such as vaginoplasty, is not to cause sexual desire, and to establish the process of sexual intercourse. Disorders in sexual function are mainly associated with psychological and genetic factors, which is why you should not expect that this kind of operation will be a solution to sexual problems.

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